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Super KruisTafels and using Multiplayer


From now on, Super KruisTafels supports Multiplayer! You can play with a friend or with people at random. Via the Game Center you can also see your score and the all time High Score.
To enjoy Multiplayer, first create a Game Center account. You can find the app on your iOS device.
Then you start Super KruisTafels and select the Multiplayer button.  In the next Game Center menu you can choose "Invite Friend" to play with known friends or select the "Play Now" button to play with random people. When inviting friends, be shure that he uses the same iOS device like you. Otherwise you will get a warning.



Using Game Center Leaderboards


Using Leaderboards is quiet easy. Create a Game Center account. All your scores will be logged in the Game Center. You can also check the players with the highest scores.


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